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Calaveras Garden Supplies

Welcome to Calaveras Garden Supplies! We are a garden equipment warehouse known for our exceptional service and top quality products. Our work is aided by our passion and love for what we do, helping us providing the best products to our customers, who belong to the ever growing cultivation communities of Central and Northern California. We strive to provide to our valued customers no less than top quality gardening and horticulture products.

Comprehensive Range of Products

We are proud to offer not only quality but also quantity. We have a vast and diverse range of products featuring all possible products you could require for cultivation. We offer products that cover all stages of cultivation so you get everything that you need, right here at Calaveras Garden Supplies!

Our Special Resources: People and Knowledge

At Calaveras Garden Supplies, we recognize our two main assets to be our people and our knowledge. These are the forces that drive excellence into our work and help us serve our clients in the best possible manner. Our work staff is truly dedicated to performing up to its highest potential and we are constantly learning and improving our work through new information, ideas, and innovations.

Come visit the Calaveras Garden Supplies’ warehouse, where you can see our products for yourself.

All the work and warehousing of Calaveras Garden Supplies is conducted at our 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse and showroom facility. We are happy to bring to you the highest quality of gardening and horticulture supplies! Come visit the warehouse to see our products yourself.We hope you find the best and right supplies for all your cultivation needs here at Calaveras Garden Supplies – shop today!

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Calaveras Garden Supplies

709 Pool Station Road, San Andreas, CA 95249

Phone: 209-674-8080